Take the Data-Driven Business Quiz!

It’s easy to recognize that business data has strategic value, but only 30% of companies say they can effectively extract value from their data, according to Harvard Business Review. Combining data from different applications and sources and making it actionable—quickly and at scale—is challenging for many businesses. But successful data integration and integrity is critical to ensure that you are making business decisions based on trusted data. Businesses that can maximize data can drive revenue, create better customer experiences, innovate faster, and lower cost and risk.

Take the Data-Driven Business quiz to establish your biggest priorities, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant data management challenges.

1. What is your biggest challenge in maximizing the value of data for your business?

2. What is your organization’s biggest hurdle for data management?

3. How would you describe the importance of driving more business value from your data?

4. How could better data integration and integrity practices improve the customer experience at your organization?

5. How would you describe the importance of providing timely access to higher quality data?

6. What has been your biggest challenge with your current data warehouse or data lake?

7. How would you describe the importance of using better data to deliver amazing customer experiences?

8. How would you describe the importance of lowering the cost and risk of data privacy and compliance?

9. What is the biggest business impact from having poor data quality?

10. What is your biggest challenge in protecting sensitive data and ensuring data privacy?