Take the Warehouse Supply Chain Optimization Quiz!

Every midsize warehouse, distribution, and fulfillment operation faces a common challenge: They need to modernize their operations with innovative technologies in order to be as efficient, productive, and fast as their large competitors. The factors driving these modernization efforts include a surge in e-commerce sales, a consumer mindset that expects immediate and flawless delivery, and increased competition, especially from third-party logistics providers.

One way that warehouses can ensure their supply chain is keeping up with the competition is to digitize their operations. For some, that means replacing paper-based, often manual operations with seamless digital solutions. For others, it involves equipping their workers with automated devices and technology, so they can achieve partial automation and augmentation. For some, it means investing in new technologies that will enable them to achieve full automation in the near future.

Take the Warehouse Supply Chain Optimization quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant supply chain challenges.

1. When considering a warehouse solution, what’s top of mind?

2. What warehouse pain point are you most interested in overcoming?

3. What’s a prominent item on your supply chain optimization to-do list?

4. When it comes to supply chain optimization, which of the following is an investment priority?

5. How important is utilizing a fully automated solution to improve decision making with real-time guidance?

6. Where does data analytics rank on your list of supply chain goals?

7. How vital is investing in mobile devices like handheld barcode scanners, thermal printers, and wearable computers like hip-mounted devices?

8. Are sensors, RFID, and indoor locationing solutions important to you?

9. Where does switching to mobile handheld computers with an easy-to-use graphical user interface fall on your list of priorities?

10. How confident are you about deploying new digital processes and technologies across your warehouse operations?