Take the “Remote Work” Quiz!

Any unplanned interruption, from server failure to hurricane, can cause a business to encounter hurdles that impact operations, employee productivity, customer service and revenue. By all measures, the disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic is unprecedented. A rapid global shutdown meant organizations had to enable employees to work from home with little or no preparation. Businesses of all sizes need a strategic plan and the right IT infrastructure transition to a “new normal” and maximize employee productivity while optimizing IT resources.

Take the “Remote Work” quiz to establish your biggest priorities, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant remote work challenges.

1.What is your biggest challenge in ensuring your business can operate from anywhere during a disruption like the coronavirus pandemic?

2.What is your organization’s biggest strategic challenge navigating the impact of coronavirus?

3.How would you describe the importance of creating a strategic plan to maximize productivity as the “new normal” evolves?

4.Which of the following best describes how your organization can operate as the new normal emerges?

5.How would you describe the importance of empowering workers to work from anywhere?

6.Which of the following business challenges is most concerning to your organization?

7.Which of the following is your biggest security concern about remote work?

8.How would you describe the importance of ensuring your remote access methods are secure, scalable, and cost effective?

9.What has been worker's biggest complaint when remotely accessing applications and data?

10.What was is your biggest challenge in ensuring remote access methods are sustainable for the long-term?