Take the Network Security Monitoring Quiz!

Industry-leading security teams have begun to recognize that intrusion prevention and detection systems (IPS/IDS) and firewall technologies alone are not enough to gain a true upper hand on their adversaries. They need a holistic understanding of their network and strong network analysis capabilities for both real-time and historic traffic.

Network traffic analysis (NTA) has emerged as an effective way for security teams to make quick sense of traffic and gain visibility into suspicious activities, including threats hidden in encrypted traffic, so they can pinpoint and stop attacks before serious damage occurs.

Take this network security monitoring quiz to understand where you’re at in the stages of your NTA journey, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to help you get to the next step in bolstering your network defenses.

1. What is your biggest priority when it comes to network security monitoring?

2. How would you describe the importance of faster incident response?

3. What is your biggest business driver for network security monitoring?

4. How would you describe the importance of proactive threat hunting?

5. Which aspect of your current security operations practices needs the most improvement?

6. How would you describe the importance of complete network visibility, including into encrypted traffic?

7. What is the biggest driver to enhance your network security monitoring practices?

8. What is the biggest challenge with analyzing the data you collect from different network security monitoring tools?

9. What is your biggest concern with the data you currently use for incident response and threat hunting?

10. What aspect of security operations would you most like to improve?