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The pervasive use of mobile and cloud technologies, along with the ever-evolving sophistication of threats like malware and ransomware, has unfortunately given criminals new ways to spy and steal. Whether motivated by financial gain, political disruption, espionage or insider threats, attackers are increasingly successful. No organization is immune. As a result, organizations are rethinking how best to protect their critical business data and operations.

IT security leaders are looking for the most effective ways to ensure that their endpoints, networks, applications and cloud services are properly controlled and continuously monitored for suspicious activity.

Take the Cybersecurity Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key security challenges.

1.What is your biggest cybersecurity challenge?

2.What is your biggest business driver to enhance your security operations?

3.How would you describe the importance of gaining visibility into threats across your cloud applications and infrastructure?

4.Which of the following security risks is most concerning to you?

5.How would you describe the importance of protecting endpoints, including mobile and IoT devices?

6.Comparing the securing of public cloud resources to securing “traditional” on-premises resources, what is your biggest concern?

7.How would you describe the importance of having the right security skills and staffing?

8.What is your biggest challenge running a security operations center today?

9.Which security operations function would you be most likely to outsource?

10.What is your biggest concern if your organization’s security practices don’t improve?