Day in the Life: Security Analyst. Take the Quiz!

Does your security operations team spend more time managing data than "doing security?" What are your biggest impediments to quickly detecting and responding to incidents and closing cases?

Like many security teams who are struggling to protect their organization and meet their SLAs, you may be considering ways to mature your security ops and modernize your security management tools.

Take the security operations quiz to establish how mature your processes are. We'll provide you with advice tuned to your specific situation.

1. Do you collect all your log feeds and IoCs into a central repository (log management, log analytics, or SIEM)?

2. How do you obtain alerts to find suspicious or malicious activity?

3. How do you prioritize and triage alerts (to separate the wheat from the chaff)?

4. How much context do you gather about a security incident?

5. Do you use threat intelligence as part of your security operations?

6. How do you investigate trouble tickets?

7. Do you build a timeline to better understand what happened before, during and after an attack?

8. How widely accessible are your investigation and response playbooks?

9. How much orchestration and automation do you use in your response process?

10. What's your typical reporting process for security incidents?