Take the Digital Healthcare Innovation Quiz!

Healthcare costs are spiraling upward as more people seek care for chronic and lifestyle diseases, putting providers under intense pressure to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs. Nontraditional competitors are emerging, as medtech firms and tech giants stand to become formidable competitors.

Technology innovation offers both opportunities and challenges, as mobile health, connected medical devices, and telemedicine promise to transform the patient experience, improve outcomes and lower cost.

Take the Digital Healthcare quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your biggest healthcare innovation challenges.

1. What is your biggest priority when it comes to digital healthcare IT innovation at your organization?

2. How would you describe the importance of enhancing the patient and provider experience through IT?

3. What is your biggest driver for digital healthcare innovation?

4. How would you describe the importance of increasing IT agility - – increasing efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility, while lowering costs

5. Where do you see the biggest opportunity for innovation with digital healthcare?

6. To demonstrate your attention to this quiz, please select the second option from the top:

7. How would you describe the importance of reducing the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks?

8. Which is the biggest concern around current systems?

9. What is a key goal you are working toward?

10. What is the biggest business priority for accelerating digital healthcare?

11. What is the biggest concern if your organization doesn’t accelerate its digital healthcare innovation?