Take the Finance Digital Transformation Maturity Quiz!

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, many CFOs found themselves looking at their business differently and focused on understanding the impact of this new reality. They put a priority on mission-critical business functions, like cost containment, workforce planning and optimization, and revenue projection. Understandably, most CFOs set aside top-line growth initiatives, innovation investments like finance digital transformation, and M&A planning for the time being.

This state of affairs hasn’t changed, but how businesses navigate forward has. Increasingly, CFOs are viewing disruptive events as opportunities, like resurrecting initiatives, especially finance digital transformation projects, they had set aside during the pandemic’s early days. Why? They now see the value of their organization’s ability to tackle change with agile business practices, rapid decision-making, and efficient reporting, planning, and financial close.

Take the Finance Digital Transformation quiz to assess the maturity of your transformation journey, and we’ll provide the most helpful content to address your most significant challenges.

1. Where are you in digitalizing your organization’s financial operations?

2. Does your finance team have the ability to automate repetitive tasks and activities?

3. How quickly are you able to gain insights from your organization’s finances to make business decisions?

4. How would you rate your organization’s ability to adapt processes and track change as you go?

5. How would you rate your ability to automatically ingest, enrich, and transform business event data into accounting?

6. How would you rate your ability to deliver real-time data to stakeholders in your organization?

7. How would you rate your ability to track and audit transactions and changes within your financial system?

8. When it comes to efficiently managing your finance processes, how would you rate your control?

9. How would you describe the finance team’s ability to drive business strategy and growth?

10. What’s your ability to stay ahead of risk locally and abroad?