Take the Hybrid Cloud Quiz!

Cloud has transformed IT service delivery. But at the same time, organizations also are evolving their on-premises IT infrastructure to keep pace with business demands. The result is a growing hybrid cloud environment that can be complex and difficult to manage. That’s why organizations are seeking innovative ways to simplify their hybrid, multi cloud environments to boost business agility and reduce cost.

Take the Hybrid Cloud quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant remote work challenges.

1.What is your biggest challenge operating a hybrid IT environment that includes both public cloud and private data center resources?

2.Which of the following best describes your organizations approach to public or private cloud?

3.How would you describe the importance of optimizing public and private cloud resource usage?

4.What is your biggest challenge to making the most of your hybrid cloud resources?

5.How would you describe the importance of establishing a consistent architecture for hybrid cloud?

6.What would be the greatest benefit of making it easier to manage your public and private cloud resources holistically?

7.How would you describe the importance of controlling IT cost?

8.Which of the following is the biggest gap in your current hybrid cloud infrastructure?

9.What is most frustrating about your current cloud software and infrastructure?

10.What is the biggest business driver to advance your IT strategy?