Take the 2018 Recruiting and Hiring Quiz!

Everyone has the same goal: to get great candidates to accept offers and begin working at your company. But getting the ball over the goal line isn’t always so easy. Different stakeholders have different expectations when it comes to recruiting and hiring the best talent. And with the low unemployment rate, competition for candidates is fierce.

Like many forward-looking leaders interested in making sure that prospective candidates, hiring managers and new hires have a great experience, you may be rethinking your recruiting processes and supporting tools.

Take the Recruiting and Hiring Quiz to establish what kind of recruiting and hiring leader you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to help you make better hiring decisions.

1. What are your top priorities for recruiting and hiring at your organization?

2. Where does your team struggle the most with recruiting and hiring?

3. What is your biggest challenge improving the recruiting experience for candidates and hiring managers?

4. What is your biggest challenge attracting the right, high-quality talent?

5. What is your biggest challenge benchmarking and continuously improving the hiring process?

6. When it comes to recruiting and hiring, what's your highest priority?

7. When it comes to your organization's recruiting and hiring experience, what's your biggest challenge?

8. When it comes to identifying and attracting high-quality talent, what's your biggest challenge?

9. When it comes to benchmarking and improving your recruiting process, what's your biggest difficulty?

10. What's the biggest risk of inaction and continuing to recruit and hire talent the same way?