2021 5 Critical decisions for manufacturing digital transformation

2021 5 Critical decisions for manufacturing digital transformation

The challenges and rapid changes that characterize the modern business environment lay bare the inflexibility of many manufacturers’ operations. For more than a decade, Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing concepts and initiatives have arisen to help combat these issues. New technologies, such as cloud, AI and edge computing, which have completely changed the IT landscape have accelerated their impact. Yet their full potential has yet to be realized as manufacturers continue to struggle to scale these advances throughout their operations.

In this paper, you will find the blueprint for scalability and process flexibility, including:

-How to operate smarter with predictive insights
-Rethink how work gets done with AI and automation
-Increase OEE by building and modernizing next-generation apps
-Secure assets, information and people
-Deploy an open, flexible plant IT infrastructure

Next steps for IBM works can work with you to co-create a customized roadmap with a focus on using existing OT investments, improving key metrics and using people that know best.