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Data Governance Survey

  The inability to catalog and profile unstructured data makes searching for that information difficult and incomprehensive

  Multiple data lakes hamper the ability to discover information that resides in each, and searching across lakes for analytics is
     difficult to impossible

  Although we have access to much data, we don’t have a clear understanding of what it means in business terms

  We have no efficient processes for accessing data when we need It for analysis

  There is no executive buy-in for data cataloging and metadata management

  Our business users can't perform self-service analysis of data assets which creates IT burdens and LOB delays

  We have difficulty hiring/staffing in data curation / data analysis

  We are unable to integrate with other existing and planned (i.e. open source) technologies

 Ability to curate all available distributed information assets

 Providing a unified catalog of data, models, reports, and tools

 Self-service access to enterprise data

 Enhanced, automated data governance

 Common data glossary between applications and data sets

  Cambridge Semantics
  Data Advantage Group
  Teradata (Kylo)
  Microsoft Azure
  MooD International
  Podium Data
  Waterline Data

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