Take the Clinical Smartphones Quiz!

The trend toward clinical mobility in the healthcare industry is clear-cut. In 2017, 51% of physicians used a mobile device at work. By 2022, 98% of physicians are expected to do so. The same holds true for nurses’ mobile device usage: 97% of bedside nurses are expected to use a mobile device by 2022. Why? Because physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals have learned that a purpose-built, fully featured clinical smartphone at the point-of-care empowers them perform their job the way they are meant to.

However, many healthcare organizations have room for improvement. Their medical staff may be using both approved and unapproved apps and mobile devices, or the network infrastructure for their mobile communications platform is showing its age. Other healthcare providers are trying to develop a roadmap for building a smartphone strategy but are overwhelmed by the endeavor’s complexity.

Take the Clinical Smartphones quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your healthcare-related challenges.

1. Which of the following is a priority for your healthcare organization?

2. What challenge is your organization most interested in overcoming?

3. What is your biggest business challenge?

4. What aspect of smartphone communications are you most struggling with?

5. How important is a detailed roadmap to building a smartphone strategy to your organization?

6. How important is a new, unified mobile communications platform to your organization?

7. How important are ergonomic, easy-to-disinfect and purpose-built clinical smartphones to your organization?

8. Do your organization’s current clinical smartphones enable hospital staff to access and share EHR data in real-time?

9. Do your current communications platform enable you to rapidly contact and mobilize an entire team, as in an emergency situation?

10. What’s your biggest risk of inaction?