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Too often, companies have separate systems for HR, payroll and talent management. This multitude of separate, usually siloed systems makes it difficult for these organizations to effectively manage their people and obtain a complete view of the workforce. They also undermine the employee experience. That’s why companies are increasingly investing in cloud-based human capital management (HCM) solutions. A comprehensive HCM solution simplifies complex HR processes and gives employees the information and tools they need to work smarter.

Take the HCM Improvement quiz to establish your biggest priorities, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant HCM challenges.

1. What is your biggest HCM challenge?

2. What has been the impact of COVID-19 on your HR/payroll/talent management system?

3. How would you describe the importance of improving your HCM processes?

4. What would be the biggest benefit of a unified HCM solution that brings HR, payroll, and talent management together in a single cloud-based platform?

5. How would you describe the importance of ensuring HR staff have the right HCM solution?

6. What would be the advantages of an AI-powered sentiment analysis tool?

7. When seeking a HCM solution, which capability is most important?

8. What do you see as the biggest benefit of cloud-based HCM operations?

9. How important is an HCM solution’s customer service?

10. If you don't improve your HCM systems, what are the likely consequences for your business?