Take the Cybersecurity Quiz!

Cybersecurity is an urgent priority for organizations of all types. But there are many threats to protect against. While ransomware is widespread and much in the news, other attack vectors, such as negligent or malicious employees, must also be defended against. In short, there are many pieces of the cybersecurity puzzle. The best technologies defend against specific attack vectors yet provide security managers and staff with a clear picture of all that’s happening.

To protect your organization’s data, you need the right information. Take the Cybersecurity Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

1. What best describes your cybersecurity needs?

2. What is your biggest cybersecurity worry when it comes to employee behavior?

3. Are you concerned about ransomware at your company?

4. Are insider threats, like reckless or malicious employee behavior, a concern?

5. What is the biggest cybersecurity danger when employees work from home?

6. What cybersecurity benefits would you expect to receive from machine learning technology?

7. What is the biggest danger when employees use personal devices for work activities?

8. What would you expect to gain from security risk analytics software?

9. How important would it be to have a cloud-based, machine-learning driven security tool that provides proactive, automated security for your organization?

10. What’s a likely outcome if you don’t fortify your organization’s defenses with a security risk analytics software solution?