The Big Book of EMS Use Cases

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Is your company performing at its maximum potential?

An execution management system (EMS) is the first step toward your company reaching its maximum potential. An EMS enables you to optimize customer experience, improve supply and distribution, drive productivity and quality assurance, and much more.

Download. “The Big Book of EMS Use Cases” to learn about more than 70 real-world examples in which Celonis EMS helped companies increase execution capacity. The examples involve over 20 use cases, spanning five business areas. Explore Celonis EMS use cases, such as:

Accounts Payable
Chart Industries realized more than $6 million in material purchase price savings through vendor price book compliance and recapture $200,000 in annual missed cash discounts improvements.

Accounts Receivable
Sysmex reduced past-due receivables by 60% in nine months while decreasing the late payment rate from 61% to 44%, despite the impact of COVID-19.

Order Management
Ascend Performance Materials reduced its time from order to delivery by three days and improved its on-time delivery rate by 27% and its automation rate by 43%, all in just four months.

Discover how the Celonis EMS can help you maximize execution across your entire company. Download the eBook.

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