The Enterprise Procurement Playbook 2021 eBook

4 Reasons to Invest in an Enterprise Video Platform

The old way of working—where everyone was in the office from 9 to 5—has fallen by the wayside. Employees are now working from home or different locations and across multiple time zones and work hours. This new hyper-distributed world has created the work from wherever, whenever paradigm, and to remain competitive, enterprises must find ways to adapt.

Enterprises have realized that by embracing an enterprise video platform, they can manage, deliver, store, and analyze the magnitude of content they’re creating and, ultimately, they can effectively leverage that content as an engagement vehicle that moves their business forward.

Download “The Enterprise Procurement Playbook 2021 eBook” to learn four reasons why forward-looking companies should invest in an enterprise video platform. They are using video to:

  • Facilitate work from anywhere
  • Lessen meeting fatigue
  • Minimize business travel
  • Create and consumer meaningful content

The report also discusses the Qumu Video Engagement Platform’s ability to conveniently deliver video at scale for hyper-distributed engagement. Download the report.