Take the Cybersecurity Resilience and Data Protection Quiz!

Remote work and accelerated digital transformation enable businesses to serve customers and empower employees from anywhere. But alongside this transformation is an epidemic of ransomware and cyberattacks. Now more than ever, you must make your business more resilient to cyberattacks, and recover data and operations quickly when an attack is successful.

Before you can further improve your data protection and business resiliency, you need the right information. Take the Cybersecurity Resilience and Data Protection Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most pressing cybersecurity challenges.

1. What best describes your most pressing cybersecurity need?

2. What is your biggest concern with the impact of ransomware, insider threats or other cyberattacks on your organization?

3. What is the biggest impact of problems like application downtime and lost data on your organization?

4. How confident are you in your current data protection strategy in the event of ransomware or other cyberattacks?

5. What would be the ideal outcome of optimizing your data protection and cyber resilience strategy?

6. Which of the following would best strengthen your current data protection and cyber resilience strategy?

7. If your organization experiences a ransomware attack, how would you most likely remediate the threat to impacted applications and data?

8. Does your organization use an air-gapped digital vault in which backup data is isolated on a separate network?

9. When considering the security of the IT products you purchase, which statement is most accurate?

10. What is the biggest obstacle to not modernizing your data protection and cyber resilience capabilities at your organization?