Take the AI Infrastructure Quiz!

Everyone is interested in Artificial Intelligence and its constituent technologies Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL), and with good reason: They are vital enablers of digital transformation. (AI is the umbrella term; ML is the process by which computers are “trained,” by processing large amounts of information; DL uses neural networks to create training models.)

Across a broad swath of industries, organizations are using AI technologies to predict buyer behavior, assess risks, perform real-time language translation, predict the weather, build autonomous vehicles and discover new pharmaceuticals. But bringing the fruits of AI to your organization involves far more than waving a magic wand. As an IT decision-maker, it’s your job to build the server infrastructure that will enable, run and optimize AI technologies at your organization.

To choose the computing infrastructure that matches the AI needs of your organization, you need the right information. Take the AI Infrastructure Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most pressing infrastructure challenges as you build an AI-enabled organization.

1. When considering your organization’s server infrastructure, what’s top of mind?

2. What are your goals with regard to AI deployment, including ML and DL?

3. With regard to AI expertise, how would you rate your organization?

4. When it comes to understanding the server infrastructure needs of AI technologies like ML and DL, how would you rate your organization?

5. With regard to AI software, how would you rate your organization?

6. Which of these is your organization’s greatest staffing challenge?

7. When it comes to AI server technology, what is your biggest challenge?

8. What would you most appreciate in a provider of server infrastructure technology?

9. What business benefits do you hope to gain from AI?

10. How quickly are your business leaders able to move from insight to action?