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To thrive in the mobile era, IT leaders must develop a coherent vision for mobile workforce enablement. Their vision must translate into a winning strategy, one that is driven by a comprehensive roadmap. In this complex journey, it’s important to select the mobility management service provider that can fulfill your need for a broad range of capabilities.

Enabling a mobile workforce requires a deep understanding of your organization’s business mission, as well as the specific device needs of your organization’s employees. End-to-end mobile device management (MDM) capabilities, including mobile device provisioning, management and security, are essential.

To implement a winning mobile workforce strategy at your organization, you need the right information. Take the Managed Mobility Services Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most pressing mobility management challenges.

1. When considering a mobile solution, what's top of mind?

2. What is your biggest mobile infrastructure challenge?

3. What is your top mobile infrastructure priority?

4. With regard to mobile device management (MDM), what is your top priority

5. In deploying an MDM solution, what would be most helpful?

6. What capability would you most like a managed mobility services provider to offer?

7. What is your top priority with regard to help desk services for mobile workers?

8. When it comes to managing multivendor mobile devices, what is most important?

9. When it comes to mobile device security, what is your top priority?

10. What business benefits would you expect to gain from a managed mobility service provider?