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The rapid pivot to remote work, combined with accelerated digital transformation plans, have been critical and necessary, but at the same time have significantly increased overall cybersecurity risks. Gaining visibility into novel advanced threats is difficult and detecting and responding to cyberattacks has never been more challenging for security operations centers (SOCs). In this new world, traditional, perimeter-focused security is no longer effective. To protect the business against disruption, security teams need to find and stop in-progress attacks more efficiently and effectively. That’s why organizations are turning to network threat detection and response solutions that cover cloud, data center, IoT and enterprise.

Take the Cybersecurity quiz to establish your biggest cybersecurity priorities, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant threat detection and response challenges.

1.What is your biggest pain point in your cybersecurity operations?

2.What is the biggest risk of widespread remote work and accelerated digital transformation?

3.What is your biggest challenge in accurately detecting and responding faster to threats against your enterprise?

4.What is the outcome for measuring the business value of network threat detection and response?

5.Which is the most important benefit of improving the efficiency of network threat detection and response?

6.Which of the following is your biggest security concern with the adoption of SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365?

7.Which attack vector most concerns your organization?

8. What is the biggest obstacle in continuously protecting your organization?

9. Which capability would most improve the efficiency of your security operations?

10. Which capability is most important to you in a network threat detection and response solution?