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Every midsize or larger organization faces similar challenges regarding data. Because data is used by different business functions, such as sales, finance, HR, inventory and logistics, data is too often stuck in separate organizational silos. As a result, business leaders are unable to see relationships between the data and base their strategic decisions on insights derived from those relationships.

A single cloud solution for finance solves the problem of data silos, enabling business leaders to unlock valuable insights from data. Simply put, connecting different data sources leads to better business decisions. With richer insights, business leaders can shape innovative and visionary business strategies for digital transformation.

Take the Data and Analytics Priorities Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content, so you can achieve your leading data and analytics objectives.

1. When considering your organization’s data, what’s top of mind?

2. When it comes to data that is stored in multiple silos, what is your main objective?

3. What is your main goal with regard to gaining insights from data?

4. When it comes to financial data, what is your greatest need?

5. What is your top priority for generating reports?

6. How could you improve the consolidate-and-close process?

7. Regarding data movement, what are you trying to accomplish?

8. What is your main goal with regard to analytics?

9. Who’s in charge of your organization’s data?

10. How quickly are your business leaders able to move from insight to action?