Take the Counterfeit and Gray-Market Product Quiz!

Production and distribution of counterfeit, pirated and gray market products is a rapidly growing problem that undermines global trade and customer trust. It can endanger your customers and diminish the value of your trusted brand.

If you’re like most manufacturers, you need to protect your brand, your reputation and your profits against criminals.

Take the 2019 Counterfeit Product quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key brand protection challenges!

1. What is your biggest priority when it comes to ensuring the authenticity of your products?

2. What is your biggest concern if your product is not properly protected against counterfeiting?

3. Where does your team struggle the most in protecting your products and intellectual property?

4. What is your top risk factor around counterfeiting or piracy?

5. How do you currently ensure that your products are not tampered with or copied?

6. What is your biggest obstacle to improve your brand protection strategy?

7. Which aspect of your brand protection program needs the most improvement?

8. What is your biggest obstacle to using hologram or other optically variable device (OVD) technology for brand protection?

9. What would be the biggest benefit of enhancing your brand protection technology?

10. What would be the biggest risk if you maintained the status quo?