How Well Does Your Enterprise Software Fuel Your Business? Take the ERP Quiz

Business has long depended on enterprise software, but a lot has changed since the early days of ERP and mainframes. Today, business-critical collaboration and decision-making depend on having ready access to accurate data and meaningful analysis that allows for management insight, operational agility, and compliance and control.

Take the ERP Tech Quiz to assess how well your ERP and EPM systems address the needs of a modern, digital business.

1. Which of the following is your biggest enterprise systems management goal?

2. Which process slows your team down the most?

3. What is the most important feature of moving to a new ERP/EPM system, or improving on your current ERP/EPM system?

4. Which of these problems occurs most frequently?

5. Which concern is your biggest daily worry?

6. In which area would you like to increase your level of confidence?

7. Which is more cumbersome?

8. What is a priority in your enterprise today?

9. Which problem most impacts operational agility and limits business transformation?

10. What is a strategic goal you hope to accomplish?