Take the Professional Workstation Quiz!

As enterprises firmly embrace their digital transformation, IT and infrastructure are looked at in new ways. As businesses seek new ways to increase agility and speed decision-making, digital transformation tools increasingly play an important role in the evolution of business technology. In a nutshell, every business wants technology that’s easy, capable and efficient.

Like many forward-looking leaders who are interested in making sure your business has the technology it needs to keep employees productive and engaged with customers, you may be considering new modernizing your IT infrastructure and adopting a hybrid cloud strategy.

Take the Tech Management quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key tech and business challenges!

1.Which is your top priority for 2020?

2. Where does your team struggle the most?

3. What is your biggest challenge with current infrastructure?

4. Where are you on your digital transformation (DX) journey?

5. What is your biggest challenge in keeping servers upgraded to meet the demands of business?

6. What drives your server and infrastructure refresh?

7. What keeps you from refreshing your infrastructure more frequently?

8. How important to your business is having the latest infrastructure?

9. How important is IT’s Digital Transformation (DX) to your business?

10. What’s your biggest risk of inaction and not modernizing infrastructure?

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