The next evolution in data security

Learn about Confidential Computing and how encrypting data during processing can open up a world of new possibilities.

Confidential Computing addresses the gap in data security that occurs during processing. With a flexible, isolated, hardware-based execution environment, your sensitive data is protected from access and snooping while you’re working with it.

  • Use Confidential VMs to leverage the Secure Encrypted Virtualization feature of second generation AMD EPYC™ CPUs to encrypt data in use in a system’s main memory, while maintaining high performance
  • Address key security concerns in migrating sensitive applications to the cloud and safeguarding valuable information while in use by those applications
  • Collaborate with other organizations without compromising the confidentiality of data sets

Confidential Computing can help you transform the way your organization processes data in the cloud, while preserving confidentiality and privacy. Join this webinar to hear from AMD, Google, HashiCorp, and Thales on the future of Confidential Computing and how you can start implementing it.