Your buyer persona: Take the ERP Quiz!

Although ERP offerings like Oracle and SAP have been around for decades, vendor support for these legacy software products continues to be a challenge for many enterprises. Support costs can chew up a large part of IT’s budget, fear of ERP vendor lock-in can stifle cloud migration plans, and innovation can suffer as organizations spend nine out of every ten dollars just ‘keeping the lights on.’

An enterprise needs effective strategy, best practices, and efficient operations that will keep systems humming while enabling innovative new projects and developing a cloud migration that makes sense for their organization.

Take the ERP Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key tech and business challenges!

1. What objective would allow you and your team to deliver the greatest strategic benefit to your company?

2. What is the primary requirement you must tackle to address those objectives?

3. What is the issue preventing your team from delivering on those objectives?

4. How would you describe the importance of migrating enterprise software to the cloud?

5. When it comes to ERP, what is your primary concern?

6. Which of these problems does your organization struggle with the most, as it relates to your ERP environment?

7. In thinking about your ERP strategy, what is your highest priority?

8. How important is reducing software support costs to your organization?

9. How would you describe the importance of becoming more innovative and proactive?

10. What are your barriers to achieving your desired state of ERP?

11. How would you describe the future state of your ERP environment?

12. If you are considering significant ERP roadmap changes, what is your timing?