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Despite the best efforts of security professionals, cyberattackers have never been more successful, stealing valuable data, disrupting business operations and putting organizations at risks of massive fines for data privacy violations.

If you’re like most security operations teams, you know you need to find and stop attacks faster. But a massive workload and cybersecurity skills shortage makes it difficult to protect your organization day in and day out. That’s why you’re looking for ways to close the security gap, optimize security operations, automate response and simplify compliance.

Take the Security Operations Quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key security operations challenges!

1. What is your biggest priority when it comes to security operations?

2. How would you describe the importance of vulnerability detection and patch management?

3. What is your biggest driver to enhance security operations?

4. How would you describe the importance of efficient and effective security operations?

5. What aspect of your current security operations processes, staff or tools needs the most improvement?

6. How would you describe the importance of rapid security response?

7. What is the biggest driver to improve security operations?

8. How would you describe the importance of risk and compliance?

9. What is the biggest benefit of a modern security operations, automation and response platform?

10. What is the biggest concern if your security operations processes and tools don’t change?