Take the Warehouse Modernization Quiz!

Consumer expectations for convenient shopping and order delivery during the pandemic have changed dramatically. To thrive in this new world, companies have merged brick-and-mortar and online operations and expanded warehouse facilities. Order volumes are growing—and customers have increasingly higher expectations for fulfilment.

One key to delivering on customer expectations, attracting and retaining employees, and meeting operational efficiency goals is in the hands of your workers: modern mobile devices and intuitive applications. When workers are busier than ever, legacy handheld scanners, awkward green screens and manual operations are a drag on their productivity.

Take the Warehouse Modernization quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your most significant warehouse challenges.

1. What is the biggest business driver to modernize your warehouse operations?

2. How has COVID-19 most impacted your business?

3. What is your biggest concern with your current fleet of mobile devices, such as handheld scanners or mobile computers?

4. What do you see as the biggest benefit of using familiar mobile devices like Android for inbound or outbound operations in your warehouse?

5. What would be the most compelling reason to upgrade from older devices, such as legacy green screens and Telnet Windows mobile devices, to a modern mobile platform like Android?

6. Which of the following would be the most compelling reason to use hands-free or wearable mobile devices?

7. How would you envision using real-time locationing or sensing technologies like passive RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy?

8. Which area of inbound operations most urgently needs to be improved?

9. Which area of outbound operations most urgently needs to be improved?

10. How confident are you about successfully leveraging new mobile devices and apps as part of your plans to modernize warehouse operations?