Take the 2018 Healthcare IT Infrastructure Quiz!

Healthcare is transforming, as providers are focused on improving patient outcomes and providing cost-effective care. But delivering on the promises of value-based care also depends on having a modern IT infrastructure.

Like many forward-looking leaders who want to make sure that their IT infrastructure can keep pace with rapidly evolving patient care and engagement models, you need a flexible, simplified and streamlined approach to your data center and private cloud infrastructure.

Take the Healthcare IT infrastructure quiz to establish what kind of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key IT modernization challenges.

1. What are your top priorities for IT infrastructure at your healthcare organization?

2. How important is tech to patient care at your organization?

3. Where does your team struggle the most with IT modernization?

4. What is your biggest difficulty meeting clinical application and service needs?

5. What is your biggest challenge updating IT infrastructure to support patient-centered healthcare initiatives?

6. What is your biggest challenge controlling the cost of IT infrastructure modernization?

7. When it comes to IT modernization, what is your biggest priority?

8. How important is balancing clinical needs vs. IT costs?

9. What keeps you from modernizing your IT infrastructure to support value-based care?

10. What is the risk of NOT modernizing your IT infrastructure to support value-based care?