What's Your Enterprise Cloud Security Score? Take the Quiz

A mobile-first, cloud-first world has brought many conveniences, but at the same time, as applications have become more open and accessible, security breaches have skyrocketed.

Take the Enterprise Cloud Security Tech Score quiz to assess your enterprise security posture and we'll instantly provide you with helpful content to create a more effective cloud perimeter.

1. Which is a bigger enterprise security concern?

2. When evaluating authentication and security solutions, which feature is more important?

3. What is the biggest weakness around security and access in your environment?

4. What areas regarding access are you looking to improve?

5. Which of these problems occurs most frequently?

6. What is a key goal related to enterprise security?

7. What areas regarding security prevention strategy are you specifically looking to prioritize?

8. Which is a greater business priority today?

9. If you could address only one challenge, you would first:

10. Which is your biggest security headache?