RSA Identity: Take the Quiz!

Does the risk of a data breach or non-compliance keep you up at night? Do you wish you could more easily verify users so you can provide the right level of access to them?

Like many security professionals, you are interested in solutions that improve agility, instill confidence and extend access protection. You may be considering a solution that goes beyond traditional Identity & Access Management (IAM) to include risk analytics to improve identity and access assurance.

Take the Identity & Access Management quiz to establish what type of buyer you are, and we’ll instantly deliver the most helpful content to address your key IAM challenges!

1. Which of the following is your biggest identity and access management challenge?

2. Which of these problems occurs most frequently?

3. How would you describe the importance of keeping stringent access controls and policies enforced in your organization?

4. When evaluating authentication solutions, which is most important:

5. What is the most essential user authentication goal you seek to accomplish?

6. How would you describe the importance of moving quickly to meet the needs of the business?

7. What is your top identity and access management priority?

8. How would you describe the importance of enabling the business to accelerate while minimizing risks in your organization?

9. What is the biggest risk of inaction around identity and access management in your environment?

10. What is your top required element in your Identity and access management strategy?