Take the 2017 PC Life-Cycle Quiz!

IT struggles with a myriad of requests any given day.

From tactical service and help desk issues, to strategic challenges around improving workforce productivity, IT is constantly trying to meet its goals to ensure company success.

Take the assessment below to identify your most pressing need and also instantly receive content to help you with addressing your challenge.

1. What is your top priority for managing PC life-cycle?

2. Where do you feel you and your team are struggling most?

3. What is the first step you plan to take to achieve your PC optimization goals?

4. Company success is most tied to which of the following?

5. What looms large on your mind when you think about technology in your organization?

6. Which of the following areas do you plan to invest in the course of the next 12 months?

7. Where do you spend most of your time on a daily basis?

8. How important is budget to the PC lifecycle optimization process?

9. How important is workforce productivity to your organization?

10. How important is it to optimize PC lifecycle management?